Firstly, Cannabis Strains for Anxiety Limonene is the second most common terpene in nature.

limonene’s have brought a pleasant smell has made it a common additive in perfumes.

Secondly, It will consume a high, naturally-occurring, amounts.

However, adverse effects have felt a dose around one gram per kilogram of body weight.

As with many terpenes, plants have produced a limonene to help protect against harmful microbes effects.

The Potential Benefits of Cannabis Strains Limonene on Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Studies have found that both orally consumed where It inhales a vapor Cannabis Strains for Anxiety, where it is Similar and also reduce an obsessive compulsive disorder-like behavior (OCD).

However, its effectiveness depends on a mouse strain or type of anxiety test administers.

And where, it indicate that (anxiety-reducing effects) working but not others.

Thirdly, it had  brought an antidepressant quality.

Few human studies have been conducted on its antidepressant effects.

So, but one small study of 12 hospitalized patients with depression have revealed promising results.

It remains unclear how limonene achieves these therapeutic effects. The Inhale of limonene vapor increase a serotonin and dopamine level.

Indicas vs. Sativas: Which Strains Have More Limonene?

Lastly, Do indicas or sativas tend to have a high level of limonene than the other?

Flower samples with 1% limonene by dry weight are quite rare.


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