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 comprare Erba online Italia Marijuana is technically legal in Italy. And this means that it has become a lot more popular (and much easier) to buy weed in Rome.  Buy weed Ireland,  buy marijuana Europe.
If you walk through the center of Rome, you find surprises . At the number of shops selling cannabis and CBD products, you are not alone. There seems to be literally a new store that pops up every week offering a menu of cannabis to discerning collectors. comprare Erba online Italia
That’s right, “collectors.”
A form of marijuana is legal in Italy due to a law that passed in December 2016 and created a beautiful loophole. The law was aimed at helping to support Italy’s industrial hemp farmers. Hemp fiber has many uses (none of which include getting anyone high) and Italy was once a major producer of the crop. buy weed Ireland
Italian Law n.242 also created a gray area to sell light cannabis flowers legally in Italy – so long as no one plans on eating it or smoking it. buy marijuana europe
This might not be the exact weed you are looking for. Light cannabis has a THC content of 0.5% or less. It can currently legally be sold because it is grouped together with more industrial hemp under the law. comprare erba online Italia
Every little bottle or bag of legal marijuana that can be bought in Italy comes with a warning and details about the product’s status as a collector’s item.
For example, this bag of weed describes the genus of plant and says very clearly that it must be used in line with Italian Law n. 242, which means:

  • It is non-narcotic
  • Should not be swallowed
  • Not suitable for smoking

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How to Buy Weed in Italy

  • Find a legal store that sells “collectible” pot. The storefronts tend to be sleek, minimalist and all glass so that you can easily see in.
  • Go over the menu, which includes descriptions of flavors and THC content. The products are all grown in Switzerland or weed online italy
  • Prepare to pay in cash but know that some places accept cards. (As long as you don’t mind THAT charge showing up on your bill).
  • Depending on the quality, the weed starts at around €15 per gram (though the price varies if you buy more grams of one variety at one time).
  • No ID is needed. comprare erba online italia
  • Not all stores sell smoking papers or pipes. Partly because the legal loophole says that people can legally sell pot but can  but cannot be sold for consumption. You can usually find papers at a tabbacchi nearby. comprare erba online italia
  • Every package comes with a warning that the contents are no intention of smoking. But if you are over 18 then you can do as you please in the privacy of your own home. Nothing can legally be smoke in public. comprare erba online italia

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