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1 Quantity=28grams(1ounce)
8 Quantity=224grams(1/2LB)
16 Quantity=448grams(1LB)
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Amnesia Haze Marijuana Strain Information | Leafly

THC 18%

Firstly, With earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze Strain is the perfect sativa strain to start your day with a smile. After that, The upliftingenergetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget. Its genetics have been traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, and this Cannabis Cup winner (1st place 2004, 1st place Sativa Cup 2012) has since been popularized in the coffee shops of Amsterdam.

And then, It has a somewhat misleading name: it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that won’t leave you with a severely impaired memory. Amnesia Haze CBD Indoor 8-10% [Sativa] – strong effects and aromas

Composed from a cross of staple strain Haze and several different worldwide landraces, including ThaiHawaiian, and Afghani .

Similarly, Amnesia Haze Weed may actually drive inspiration rather than forgetfulness. The Afghani indica in its genetics makes for a well-balanced, albeit somewhat cerebral high. Amnesia Haze Autoflower / ILGM strain info – GrowDiaries

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain >>> Effects, Origin, Yield, & More!

Secondly, The effects of Amnesia Haze Strain are difficult to assess, but powerful nonetheless. The experience of the user plays a substantial part. The Amnesia Haze Plant novice might experience their first green out with this powerful strain of cannabis. Easily overindulging because it is so smooth and just so darn tasty. S5 Amnesia Haze | Coffeeshop Relax

Amnesia Haze / Royal Queen Seeds strain info – GrowDiaries

The experienced sativa fan will thrill at the creative stimulus and outstanding focus that this practically psychedelic strain brings. The Great Outdoors calls, where everything is bright and the air is effervescent. Of course just hitting the couch with tunes and friends and enjoying the mental mind trip is a great way to spend an afternoon. Or dare to dab and deeeeeep dream.

In this paragraph, Sometimes it can be chimeric, taking fifteen minutes to really work its neurological magic. You can find yourself one moment taking a toke and wondering what the big deal is. Then, the next moment, like a stricken amnesiac, you wonder how on earth you got where you are. Shaking your head with a brain like a sieve and giggling in self-conscious astonishment. 8 Tips for Growing Amnesia Haze Marijuana Strain [Guide]

Most importantly, Relatively low in CBD, the therapeutic value of Cannabis Amnesia Haze lies in its uplifting citrus flavoured euphoria. Hence, The psychoactive smiley effect alludes to treatments for depression and post-traumatic stress disorders or alleviating pain related anxiety.


Thirdly, Outdoors: The sativa dominant lineage means a built-in love of warm and long days. The closer to the equator you are, the better Amnesia Haze Strain will grow, responding to the potential in the tropical sativa genetics. Southern Spain and northern Australia, California or northern Africa will get outstanding results. Chernobyl Strain | Chernobyl Meme | Chernobyl Weed

Moreover, A full season from seed guarantees monstrous plants with long spears of dense flower clusters that can take between twelve and fourteen weeks to fully mature. Starting with a top quality, fully organic soil improved with seasonal organic supplements, a regularly watered Amnesia Haze Yield an abundance of heavily fragranced buds. Alaskan Thunder Fuck Seeds | ATF Marijuana – ONLINE WEED

Above all, Pay attention to pest control as the prolific growth provides many hiding spaces for insects. Be sure to cage or stake well in preparation for heavy flower clusters that can break branches.
Ghost Train Haze | Ghost Train Haze Strain | Ghost Train Haze Seeds


Thirdly, An experienced grower who knows the eccentricities of sativa dominant plants will have no troubles growing Amnesia Haze. The novice will find the Amnesia Haze Flowering Time growth a challenging, but extremely satisfying and resinously rewarding experience.
Gods Green Crack | Green Crack Seeds – Online Weed Dispensary

In addition, Indoors the Amnesia Haze strain expresses the dominant sativa genetics and tends to stretch substantially, even when put on a 12-12 lighting regime, straight out of the cloning cupboard.

Furthermore, Amnesia Haze Strain does like to be fed well but, like a lot of sativas, can be tipped over into the toxic zone very easily. It is wise then to err on the side of caution when measuring nutrients.
Moonshine Haze | Moonshine Haze Strain | Moonshine Haze Seeds

In addition, It really is a game of patience when it is flower time. The long buds with their thin leaves can take twelve weeks to mature. Some fussy phenotypes can take twenty.
Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds – Royal Queen Seeds

Lastly, Expect a reasonable 600g/m² under 600W lights from plants that are slow to mature, but satisfyingly dense and wonderfully crystallised when ready.

In Conclusion, Amnesia Haze Auto Flower | Amnesia Haze Seeds | Amnesia Haze

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5 reviews for Amnesia Haze

  1. Jacob Russell

    Picked this up at The Giving Tree in North Phoenix. This is a heavy hitter with a great euphoric feeling and excellent stress reliever. Great for late night bedroom aerobics and then helps you crash hard and sleep great. Also works great with a little White Widow before hand. Fairly certain I was levitating!

  2. Deb Gamboni

    I’m from the Netherlands and I recently purchased a small bag of AMH and it was one of the best I had ever tried. I felt like I could take on the whole world never felt that uplifted and euphoric berfore. Love it!

  3. Ron Crosby

    Best strain I have ever had. Lemon haze might have it tied. But Amnesia Haze is my #1 favorite strain! It gives you total euphoria, optimism, happy vibes, social relaxation and talkative vibes… Plus you sleep like a rock. Great for if you ever have trouble sleeping. Overall, I think it has all positives… I had no negative effects at all from it. All positive 😀 Enjoi this strain & may peace be with you, Namaste, Tay

  4. Lynn McMillan

    Very good strain. The cerebral high of this lasts for a good 3/4 hours and made me feel really energetic and creative. I got a really nice flowery taste from this and it left a citrus sort of smell in my house which wasn’t too pungent. Great strain over all, would definitely recommend to any user suffering from any mental health disorder such as myself

  5. Zilliewhomi

    A great strain. the smell is a composition of lemons,easy smoke without any coughing. Intensive, yet mellow cerebral high, makes u smile like an happy idiot for at least two hours. Definitely a social smoke, but not as up-lifting as other haze strains, so you wont regret smoking before bedtime.

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