Big Buddha Cheese was the winner of the 19th annual Cannabis Cup in the category “Best Indica”. This Big Buddha Cheese x Cheese Reversed requires only 7-9 weeks of flowering to produce even higher yields than its mother. The unique, pungent, old school aroma will make you salivate in anticipation. Despite being a mostly Indica variety, the long-lasting experience is very uplifting.


Big Buddha Cheese Marijuana Strain Information

Big Buddha Cheese


  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • CalmingEnergizing

          Firstly, Cheese (also called UK Cheese or Exodus Cheese) / Big Buddha Cheese Strain is a famous clone-only strain that originated in England around 1989, reportedly from a pack of Sensi Seeds’ Skunk #1. An extremely potent and high-yielding plant with a pungent cheese-like odor, it was passed around the underground to various growers and breeders over the years until it became one of the most popular and ubiquitous strains in the UK. Sometime around 2004, the breeder known as “Big Buddha” took this clone and crossed it with a carefully selected Afghani indica to create a seed version of Cheese. buy buddha bear carts/buddah bear carts/buddah bear.

Big Buddha Cheese Strain won the High Times 2006 Cannabis Cup in the indica category and went on to become probably the most popular and widely available Cheese hybrid produced in seed form. its sweet, tropical fruit meets skunky-cheese smell and large yields of high potency flowers.

Secondly, Big Buddha Cheese Strain is among the most popular cannabis strains in the UK. Lore has it that the strain originated from a bag of Skunk seeds back in the late 1980s. Moreover, What makes Cheese so unique is her intense cheese-like smell, that made her immediately popular in the cannabis scene. Breeder Big Buddha Seeds took the strain in the early 2000s where he wanted to create a seed version of famous . So, The rest is history. Big Buddha Cheese went on to immediately win the 2006 Cannabis Cup.

Thirdly, Today it is the most popular Cheese hybrid in seed form. Big Buddha Cheese Strain /  buy muha meds online combines her trademark cheese aroma with some sweet and tropical notes. And Lastly, Cultivars and connoisseurs love Big Buddha Cheese for her enormous yields and super-potent bud. Her high is energetic and uplifting, very clear and long-lasting.

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