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Black Magic Weed by Andromeda Strains is a deep, dark cannabis variety with exclusive genetics. Created from Melvanetics’ own Buckeye Purple and Andromeda’s Cherry Sauce, Black Magic combines top-shelf phenotypes to create a unique strain with an equally unique look. One of the growers at Andromeda Strains noted that Black Magic was created by crossing their two darkest plants, producing the darkest strain they’ve ever seen. Expressing intoxicating pungent and sweet aromas, Black Magic is not a strain to miss.

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Black Magic (sometimes referred to as Black Magic Kush) is an indica-dominant strain with a vivid display of colorful leaves. Created by Andromeda Strains, this bud is a cross between Buckeye Purple and Andromeda’s own Cherry Sauce. It offers smokers a rich, earthy aroma and soothing, mostly physical effects. Black Magic’s THC content has been measured at between 15% and 22%.

Black Magic’s flowers / Black Magic Weed Strain are medium to large in size and adhere in thick, chunky globes. The internal structure of these buds seems to be a combination of indica and sativa influences, with a dense, tightly-packed core and wispy leaves that twist outward in a fringe-like way. The leaves themselves are bright yellowish green with occasional flashes of purple, ranging from lavender to indigo; these latter colors come about thanks to anthocyanin pigments, which are activated by cold weather during the growing process. Finally, translucent amber trichomes dot all visible surfaces of these flowers, giving them a slightly golden glow.

Once cured, flowers of Black Magic Weed have a complex aroma marked by some earthy and nutty top notes. A deep whiff of the flowers may pick up on some underlying fruitiness as well. When these buds are ground up or broken apart, meanwhile, they give off an astringent tang of ammonia. Combusting Black Magic gives off a thick and somewhat harsh smoke that may tickle the sinuses and palate. On the exhale, this smoke mixes cocoa-like flavors with a chemical aftertaste.

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Japanese andromeda is an evergreen shrub with many uses in the landscape. Use it in shrub groupings or as a foundation plant, or let it stand alone as a specimen plant that few other shrubs can rival. The plant is a bit fussy about soil and light exposure, but if azaleas and camellias do well in the area, Japanese andromeda will probably thrive too. Here are some noteworthy cultivars: ‘Mountain Fire’ features brilliant red foliage on new shoots. ‘Variegata’ has leaves that go through several color changes before they mature to green with white margins. ‘Purity’ has noted for its extra-large, pure white flowers and compact size. It blooms at a younger age than most cultivars. ‘Red Mill’ has flowers that last longer than other cultivars, and the plants has reported to resist the diseases that plague other types.  / Black magic Craft / Black Magic Weed /

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Mass Effect Andromeda Review

Mass Effect has a passionate following, but you’d be hard-press to find just one reason for that passion. Some people love the characters; others, the sci-fi world it creates. Others loved the RPG systems of the first or the power-based combat of the second, or the cooperative multiplayer of the third. Change has been a constant, and in that respect, Mass Effect: Andromeda has shifted more than its predecessors in the five years since the series’ last installment. / That Old Black Magic /.

That change hasn’t been an entirely smooth one, though. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a game with problems, both lightly floating on the surface and, sometimes, deeper, and they get in the way of different things it does well to varying degrees. But what Andromeda succeeds at, it does very well — maybe as well as the series has ever done.( Black Magic Weed )

The original Mass Effect trilogy told the story of Commander Shepard and their crew’s attempt to save the Milky Way galaxy from genocide at the hands of the Reapers, averting a recurring cycle of death that played out every 50,000 years.



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