1 Quantity=28grams(1ounce)
8 Quantity=224grams(1/2LB)
16 Quantity=448grams(1LB)
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Where to Buy Donkey Butter Marijuana Online

Firstly, Buy Donkey Butter Weed Strain Online is shopping an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Grease Monkey with Triple OG. This strain provides sedating effects that weigh heavily on the limbs and mind.

However, Donkey butter is pungent with fuel-forward and earthy aromas. Growers say Donkey butter is a heavy resin producer and has dark buds with deep green colors.

Most importantly, Medical marijuana patients choose this strain for the physical and mental dullness that relieves chronic stresspain and everyday troubles.

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Where to Buy Donkey Butter Kush

Exotic Genetix – Donkey Butter – bank of seeds

Secondly, Produce from a Grease Monkey mother as well as a Triple OG father.

Therefore, this Donkey Butter Marijuana Strain of marijuana comes loaded with loud fuel-forward aromas that have intermixed. After that, It following is by an aromatic dose of forest and earth.

Moreover, Buy Donkey Butter Weed Strain Online offers a heavy producer and expresses dark leaves with deep colors.

This funky flower leans toward impairment, weighing heavy on the limbs and calming the mind. In addition, Its physical and mental dullness blunts stress, pain, and the pangs of day-to-day living.

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Where can i Buy Donkey Butter Weed

What is the Dominant Hybrid of this Cannabis Strain

Basic Information On Donkey ButterDonkey Butter Cannabis strain is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain with 70% of indica, and 30% of Sativa. This bud has a super savory pungent flavor and the strain effects are perfect for lovers of indica.

No, it’s not some new-fangled alternative to cattle dairy. Therefore, Donkey Butter is an indica-heavy hybrid with a knockout aroma.

Devised by Exotic Genetix, the creators of Extreme OG, this strain crosses Triple OG with Exotic’s own Grease Monkey. Buy Donkey Butter Weed Strain Online .

Above all, Donkey Butter’s dank, earthy aroma may be something of an acquired taste but consumers tend to agree on its smooth, relaxing high. Hence, This Donkey Butter’s THC content has been measured at between 14% and an impressive 27%.

where to buy donkey butter strain seeds

Where to Buy Donkey Butter Seeds

Donkey Butter Strain Information and Review – ILGM – I Love Growing …

Thirdly, Donkey Butter Strain Seeds are a great choice for beginner and experienced growers. Location-wise, Donkey Butter is pretty flexible. Buy Donkey Butter Weed Strain Online ..

After that, Though it is indica-dominant, you’ll find that this bushy plant grows to pretty tall heights when grown outdoors. However, you can also cultivate it indoors, but you’ll need to prune regularly.

Furthermore, Buy Donkey Butter Weed Strain Online yields will be well worth the effort of growing, with large flowers and a heavy outdoor yield of up to 3.3 ounces per plant outdoors, with very little maintenance.

And lastly, Experienced growers putting in more care can increase yield under the right conditions, especially indoors. Buy Donkey Butter Weed Strain Online

where to buy donkey butter seeds  . 

Donkey Butter by Exotic Genetix | Buy Weed Online | Green Society

The name might be weird and has no relation to dairy or animals of any kind – but this indica powerhouse is no joke. This unique phenotype was first bred by Exotic Genetix, founders of potent strains such as Rainbow Chip, Extreme OG and many more.

This strain crosses Triple OG and Exotic Genetix’s special phenotype of Grease Monkey. The dank, fuel-forward terpene profile of Donkey Butter can be considered an acquired taste, but will be sure to rock the socks off any gas or diesel lovers.

THC content of Donkey Butter sits at a staggering 27% – these monstrous numbers are no joke and can be seen by the amount of sparkling, visible trichomes. If you like Indica’s, Donkey Butter will become your new favorite. Like many indica strains, the high can take a while to kick in, but when it does, you’ll know.

The high of Donkey Butter begins with a heady sensation that brings waves of euphoria and happiness that melts away stress and depression. This eventually transitions into a characteristic indica high that leaves the body “stoned” and utterly relaxed.

This strain crosses Triple OG and Exotic Genetix’s special phenotype of Grease Monkey.

THC Content

Donkey Butter by Exotic Genetix is an indica dominant hybrid strain with 70% indica dominance to 30% sativa.

Like many of Exotic Genetix’s other creations, it is rather potent in THC with an above average count at 27% potency, as well as 1% CBD.

Its parent, Greasy Monkey, is also an indica dominant hybrid with the same 70% to 30% indica/sativa ratio.

Its THC content is also impressive, averaging between a staggering 25% to 27% along with 1% CBD. Its other parent, Triple OG, sometimes also referred to as Triple Kush, is yet another indica leaning hybrid.

It has a stronger indica dominance with a ratio of 80% to 20% sativa, and its THC levels vary between 20% to a whopping 30% potency!

Appearance & Aroma

The flowers of Donkey Butter are medium to large in size, and are solid to the touch as they are densely packed. They have a conical shape, and are a deep forest green in color with large patches of deep purple hues.

Its orange pistils are wiry and give it an extra pop of color, and the buds are finished off with a frosty, snow-like coating of crystal trichomes. In terms of aromas, this is not the most discreet strain.

Its strongly pungent with overtones of diesel and skunkiest, which are complemented by just as strong notes of spices and woody earthiness, a combination of which some note is reminiscent of rotting pine.

When smoking, its flavor profile is no different. The mixture of diesel, spices and pine can be quite harsh, with smoke that might bring you to tears!

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