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Buy Chemdawg Strain Online

Firstly, Buy Chemdawg Strain Online is a nicely balance hybrid. This Cannabis strain has become quite popular over the past several years for both its effects and pungent smell.

Moreover, Its scent and taste are classically Medical Cannabis, being of diesel and spicy wet earth. Its harvest-ready buds are bulbous and vivid green. THC levels average at around 19%.

Chemdawg 91

Secondly, Much like many other members of the Chemdog line, the origins of Chemdog 91 are shrouded in mystery. Furthermore, Rumor has it that the lineage cultivating is first by the illustrious East Coast breeder.

Who also goes by the name of Chemdog, and some speculate it descends from a Thai landrace strain. Buy Chemdawg 91 Strain Online has thought to be an offshoot of the original Chemdog strain. And the numerical addition of “91” has believed to reference the year the strain first has came into existence.

Chemdawg 4

And Thirdly, Part of the prominent line of Chemdog strains, Chemdog 4 has to deliver a balance of cerebral invigoration alongside and relaxes full-body effects.

Its smell has likened to be citrus or even Pine-Sol, with a lemon flavor. With light-green buds, Chemdawg 4 grows to be a fairly tall plant, reaching up to 7 feet outdoors and 4-5 feet indoors, and its flowering time is 9-10 weeks.

It has often appear to have a large amount of crystals, with orange hairs growing from the buds.

Chemdawg OG

OG Chem, aka Chem OG, is a sativa-dominant cross between two legendary strains, Chemdawg and OG Kush.

The diesel notes of Chemdawg combines with the sour, piney scent of OG Kush to create a pungent skunky aroma that fills the room.

Purple Chemdawg

Purple Chemdawg is a potent 75/25 indica-dominant cross between Chemdawg and Granddaddy Purple that delivers powerfully relaxing effects alongside a sweet grape aroma.

Though Purple Chemdawg weighs heavy on the body, it leaves your mind free to wander creative, introspective realms.

Another rendition by the Cali Connection, dubb “Purple Chem,” pulls from the genetic line of Chemdawg 91 and Pre-98 Bubba Kush . Who pass on a similar balance of effects, but with a biting diesel aroma.

And Lastly, Patients medicating with Purple Chemdawg has found relief for chronic pain while others enjoy its ability to soothe stress and anxiety.

Buy Chemdawg 91 Strain Online.



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