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Durban Kush Strain Review – The Lodge Cannabis Denver

Leafly Durban Kush Strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid that takes its genetics from OG Kush and Durban Poison Cannabis Strains. THC levels of this intriguing strain may vary, often recorded as high as 25-27%, CBD levels are around 1%. Depending on the levels of THC, it can have various effects. Please consult with your budtender on THC levels to better understand the possible reaction.

The buds of Durban Kush are small to medium-sized, bright olive green with an abundance of dim orange hairs, and wholly covered with a thick coat of sticky resin.

This aromatic strain has some tart, earthy, and herbal notes to it. The taste is similar to the smell, earthy, piney, with spicy overtones.

Generally, the effects of Leafly Durban Kush Strain are the perfect blend of its parent strains. A lot of Sativa at the start, quickly followed by Indica like effects, as the high progress. It starts strong and powerful, immediately energizing, uplifting, boosting focus and concentration, promoting happiness and lightness. Because of the impressive THC levels, this strain is not often recommended to novice users. The high hits quick and hard, and can be disorienting for people with low tolerance, sending them into an anxious spiral. For those users who are accustomed to the high THC, however, this strain is a true blessing. After a prompt lift, it slowly but surely starts to relax your body, finally showing its Indica colors. It will then take you into a deep, sedated state, all while keeping your mind happy and mellow.

Double Durban Marijuana Strain Information | Leafly

Leafly Double Durban Strain is the result of crossing GSC with Durban Poison. Also known as Double Durban Kush, the “double” in the name refers to the Durban Poison parent and the Durban Poison in the genetics of GSC (Durban Poison crossed with OG Kush). In short, this strain was bred to keep the benefits of GSC—high potency and a great terpene profile. Double Durban Kush Strain is a functional strain that will keep you smiling while you tidy up the house. Many people use it to start their day or to give themselves a pick-me-up in the afternoon. Thankfully, this strain also keeps you focused, so you can get through that list of chores in no time.

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