Gelato 41 Allbud

Firstly, Gelato 41 Strain is a hybrid strain that is high in THC and offers a heavy, relaxing body high without clouding the mind. Cookies Gelato 41 is made by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies. Furthermore, Gelato 41 Seeds has buds that grow in an array of colors, from light green to purple, with trichomes that put out a sweet and earthy aroma alongside hints of lavender and pine. New consumers should know that Gelato 41 Weed is potent and the high best reserves for those looking for a new heavy hitter.  Moreover, This strain comes from the Cookies Family in California.

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Secondly, Bred by Barneys Farm, Blue Gelato 41 is a deliciously sweet strain that crosses DJ Short’s old school Blueberry with GSC and Sherbert. With so many delicious strains at play, Blue Gelato 41 Strain puts out a smooth earthy, citrus, and fruity terpene profile that tastes as good as it smells. And Lastly, as for the high, you can expect to feel lofty and free in a state of euphoric bliss. Gelato Price is $10 for a gram.

Gelato 41 Seeds

Gelato 41 Strain leafly produce thick buds containing many crystals. The plants predominantly contain sativa genetics. They make large buds that will ensure a large yield. The crystal covered buds contain high levels of THC (more than 20%). These weed seeds were rewarded the Highlife Cup award.

Gelato 41 Yield combines a sweet, minty flavor with the orange twist of Sunset Sherbet. Gelato 41 Strain Review produced this delicious species of weed: a mixture of fruity candy flavors. Smoking this weed will result in a boast of energy and creativity. Also it usually results in a very good mood, all owing gets awards for American gene combination. Gelato 41 THC is 25%.


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