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Lavender Strain

Firstly, Lavender Strains e.g Black Lavender Strain  is an Indica-dominant hybrid with exotic, deep purple leaves. These Leaves produces by Soma Seeds.
Secondly, The strain recommends for evening use as it can easily put novice users to sleep.
More regular users, however, say this particular  Marijuana Strain energizes them, causing them to feel talkative and creative.
A strong body high is accompanied by uplifted moods after just one or two “hits.” Negative effects may include occasional paranoia, dry eyes and mouth, anxiety, and minor headaches.
Thirdly, Patients suffering from depression (e.g., produced by conditions such as bi-polar disorder), has often make this strain their primary choice as do a number of insomniacs. Furthermore, This Indica body stone can ease chronic aches and pains, and the anti-inflammatory effects can help control chronic migraines. It may also be beneficial to those suffering from nausea, anorexia, and anxiety disorders.

Lavender Haze

Moreover, Lavender Strains( Black Lavender Strain ) is a cross between two other Strains and offers Soma Seeds: G-13 Haze (Indica) and Lavender (Indica). The strain grows in a temperate climate outdoors or inside. It is usually ready for harvest in mid-October outdoors. And Its flowers for 55 to 65 days inside. And Lastly, Growers using the Sea of Green method shorten the vegetative cycle in order to control the plants’ height.




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