Hybrid – 50%
Lineage: Master Kush
Recommended time of use: Afternoon

Lemon Kush

        Lemon Kush can describe a few different though similar strains. Prolific breeder Alien Genetics (creators of the popular indica Alien Kush) claims to have created one of this strain by crossing Lemon G and Afghan Kush. Another, more common variety of  this strain is the product of Master Kush and Lemon Joy. Cannabis testing lab Analytics 360 has measured strains with same label at between 15% and 26% THC, making this strain a moderate to potent psychoactive agent. This Strain has buds that are nugget-like, and tend to be smaller than average. They hold a tight and dense bud structure, more typical of indica than sativa. Its leaves are light green, made to appear lighter by a heavy coating of trichomes. All this resin makes buds sticky, and difficult to break apart without a grinder. When buds are broken, however, they give off a sweet and smooth lemon scent.

Lemon Kush Strain is a citrus-scented cannabis strain with unknown genetic origins. Breeders often claim Master and Joy are the cultivar’s parents. However, the breeders at Alien Genetics bred their own lemonkush strain by crossing L.G (also called L.G13) with a landrace Afghani Kush. Regardless of its heritage, it features a high limonene terpene content and THC levels that often test in the 20% range.

Lemon Kush Strain

The general consensus surrounding lemonkush is that is a cross between Master Kush and L.Joy. However, breeder specific variations exist. Alien Genetics, for example, explains their L.K as a hybrid between Lemon G, a prized strain from Ohio, and an Afghan Kush. The genetics are the only area of dispute as everyone will agree that the sweet flavors of citrus mix exceptionally well with the earthy kush undertones. The light green buds are covered in a white frosting of trichomes and provide uplifting and creative effects. L.K is the perfect solution for when the stresses of life have you feeling sour.




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