Getting to Know the SR-72 Single Vape Pen Bundle

Firstly, For those just getting started with vaporizing, the SR-72 Single Vape Pen Bundle is a top-tier pick. Furthermore, the BVC Clearomizer, a brand-new design created by MigVapor’s handpicked creators, uses optimized coil resistance and improved atomizer performance to produce even more vapor with smoother feel than ever. The powerful 1.8 ohm head and 1300 mah battery give great pulls. An upgrade to the VV Twist brings the voltage from 4.2 to 4.8 volts, and technology is integrated with the pen through a power consumption meter and color-changing light.

What the SR-72 Single Vape Pen Bundle Contains

Secondly, When you order the SR-72 Single Vape Pen Bundle, MigVapor, Wax Pen puts only the highest quality materials and parts into the package. Of course, the signature includes SR-72 Aspire tank with a BVC coil, as well as two replacement coils. The sr-72 single vape pen kit / Wax Pen tank comes in either standard or glass options. The extremely powerful Xtreme 1300 comes in a mind boggling number of choices. Moreover, Standard options are stainless steel, black, and rainbow laser metal but the upgrades are where the colors really shine. The VV Twist is more noticeable, though it comes in the same colors of black, stainless steel, and rainbow laser metal. The stylish Phantom 1600 upgrade comes in elegant black or silver. The battery packages with a power meter and wall USB charger, and your choice of black, cherry, or includes white carrying case. Thirdly, MigVapor / sr-72 single vape pen kit / Wax Pen aims for maximum satisfaction, so it discounts 30 mL bottle of the finest e-liquid of your choice has contained as well.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x 1300 mah extreme power battery/with power adjust
  • 1 x SR72 aspire tank with coil
  • A pack of 2 replacement BVC coils
  • 1 Wall Charger and USB Charger with ‘green’ light, illuminating when fully-charged
  • 1 SR72 carry case
  • Product Manual
  • Discounted bottle of 30 ML e-juice if selected
  • Video directions are available in the video section of our website

* Extra coils sold separately

* Tank is with Ego Threads


  • 1300 Mah Power
  • Light changes colors as battery discharges, letting you know your power level
  • Highest quality components in the industry
  • Pumping 4.2 volts / Twist option is 4.8 volts (upgrade)
  • Power consumption meter built into the button
  • Bottom dual coil tank
  • 2.4 ML tank
  • Tank itself holds approximately 3 ML of e-liquid
  • BVC clearomizer

And Lastly,

*Note: Images of batteries shown in extra images are the VV twist offering more control.

*From 3.3 volts to 4.8v – is a $5.99 upgrade.


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