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Wax Pen

What is a Wax Pen

A dab pen and a wax pen are almost identical in the way they function. Both allow users to heat concentrates and inhale their vapor.

The only difference between the two is that a dab pen works with different kinds of concentrates of various consistency, while a wax pen is designed for thicker, vax-like concentrates.

G Pen has several concentrate vaporizers, including vape pens (like the Nova), oil cartridge vaporizers (Gio) and vaporizers that emulate dabbing (Connect).

Our dab and wax pens consist of the following basic parts:

  • Mouthpiece: the part you inhale the vapor from.
  • Heating chamber: contains the coil that heats the concentrate below its smoke point and turns it into the vapor you inhale.
  • Body / Mod: contains the battery that powers the vaporizer, the necessary controls and the charging port.

Buy Wax Online

Buy Wax Online and weed budder are cannabis products in the form of concentrates. Cannabis concentrates have grown rapidly in popularity because of their strong potency and wide-ranging applications. Cannabis wax usually contains around 70 to 90 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels, giving users a sensational high.

    Benefits Of THC wax or weed budder? The biggest draw for these concentrates is their potency. The enhanced tetrahydrocannabinol levels produce a high that’s much more impactful than other forms of cannabis consumption. Some users have leveraged this potency to tackle issues like chronic pain, depression, injury, or anxiety.




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